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Blue merle border collie puppies – like all puppies – may be challenging to train, but it’s more than possible and will pay dividends in the future. Risks in Breeding Blue Merle Border Collie. Blue merle Border Collie breeders, as we’ve touched upon, should avoid breeding merles with one another. 26/08/2017 · Stephen A. Smith Reveals Why He Avoided The Breakfast Club, Talks Antonio Brown, MeloMore - Duration: 33:37. Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM 1,891,882 views. Double merle breeding is to be condemned, and while it is of course imperative to provide the double merle victims with a happy life, being partially or fully blind and deaf is most assuredly a handicap — and one that was entirely avoidable by responsible human beings. Love the dogs, but don’t be gentle with the people responsible. Braille is a Double Merle Australian Shepherd. He is deaf and blind due to an ignorant and irresponsible merle to merle breeding. Along with his friend Keller The Double Merle under Keller's Cause, we have set out to educate the world and promote the adoption of special needs dogs. Double Merle is the common term for homozygous merles dogs with 2 copies of the merle gene. The abbreviation "MM" is also commonly used genetic shorthand for 2 copies of the merle gene. These dogs are also sometimes inaccurately referred to as lethal whites this is considered by many to be a derogatory term.

Come visit Double M Stockdogs facility to get started in herding! Double M's facility is the premier location to learn all that there is to know in working and trialing livestock. Even if you do not have time to visit the facility Molly offers online tutorials with an indepth how-to through videos. Prévention sur le phénomène Double Merle chez le chien. 306 J’aime. Partage d'informations sur le phénomène Double Merle chez le chien. STOP reproduction. Sara Collie. 106 likes · 3 talking about this. Community.

01/02/2008 · Snowy, our double merle sheltie, is not happy that Toby shows interest in her 'toy'! She may be deaf, mute, and have limited vision, but she gets her point a. 15/02/2012 · Fanciers and breeders call homozygous merle collies, those that receive a merle allele from each parent, by a variety of names, all of which describe the same collie: double merle, double dilution and white merle. These collies may have varying degrees of vision and auditory abnormalities.

10/11/2011 · i have a double merle border collie he is a blue and brown merle and has a lot of white on him i just want to see if anyone new anything about them like health ect they are great dogs he is very caring full of engery and loves to be loved and give back love he is there when you need him and love to be loved and for some ression he love beds and. There is a modifier of the merle gene which is the harlequin gene. This gene will turn the areas that are merle dilute grays or silvers into pure white. Unlike the double merle sheltie, this genetic combination doesn’t affect the function of eyes or ears in spite of all the white. The general appearance of the Sheltie is that of a miniature Rough Collie. They are a small, double coated, working dog, agile and sturdy. Blue merle Shelties may have blue eyes or one brown and one blue eye, but all others have dark-colored eyes.

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Knowing if a dog is non-merle, merle, or double merle can only be proven via DNA tests. The double merle, which has in the past been phenotypically identified by many as a white dog, may actually have a full colored coat in the Catahoula. This proves that phenotype cannot be used to identify a double merle. Generally speaking, there is no known link between a dog being a double merle, and it inheriting other issues. Double merles most often come from breeders who don't put much thought in to what genetic combinations they are putting together, and they most often aren't breeding for health.

I prefer double merle or homozygous merle rather than lethal white for a few reasons. First of all lethal white is simply inaccurate. While on the other hand double merle or homozygous merle removes the implication that these dogs do not live long. Their lifespan is the same as any Australian Shepherd. COLLIE KALEIDOSCOPE Variations in Collie Color Kathy V. Moll, Deep River Collies. CCA Breed Education Guest Writer. Introduction: Armed with new research information to read suggested to me by my friend Dr. Leigh Anne Clark, we’ll be doing double duty in this article.

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Non sono rari i casi, ad esempio, di double merle nati senza occhi purtroppo, proprio perché il doppio gene merle ha influito fin dallo stato embrionale alla formazione di quest’ultimi non facendoli formare o facendoli formare, ma in modo incompleto e quindi con i relativi problemi di cecità. Cucciolo di Border Collie maschio e femmina nero merle, pelo lungo, mantello bicolore double color in vendita a Carrara Massa: Disponibili cuccioli Border collie ottimo pedigree, genitori testati ed esenti da dispalsia anca e.

Welcome to Double “R” Border Collies! Are you interested in a Double “R” Dog? Here are some things you should know. Border Collies are a highly intelligent and talented breed. It is important that you have the knowledge to provide for your new dog’s needs. Dogs with 2 copies of merle called double merle are primarily white and can have multiple abnormalities of skeletal, cardiac and reproductive systems, thus breedings between 2 merle dogs are discouraged to avoid producing double merle offspring. Merle is governed by a SINE insertion in the Pmel17 or Silver SILV gene.

Blue Merle Border Collie pup or young dog. This advert is located in and around Rugeley, Staffordshire. My parents have just found out their much loved collie has spleen cancer she is only a young dog so its very devastating with all the treatments she has been given about a month to live. They have always. Identifying Double-Merles. on February 15, 2012 in Non-equines and other tangents. With all the controversy surrounding the double-merle sire of the Westminster Best in Breed Collie, I thought it might be timely to finally get this post up about homozygous merles. Besides being one gorgeous dog, the Border Collie is also very hardworking and somewhat of a workaholic. The American Kennel Club AKC breed standard allows all colors or combination of colors and/or markings for Border Collies. These include solid, bicolor, tricolor, merle, and sable, with no color or pattern preferred over another. Double merle puppies and dogs have large white patches along their bodies and heads more so than merle dogs. Some double merles have completely white coats with little or no merle coloring at all. Dapple and piebald are other names for merle coloring, which means they carry the recessive gene too. 29/08/2019 · A double dose of the merle gene can be deadly. Photo: 10 Ninjas Steve/Flickr. The merle gene — a pattern, not a color — dilutes the color of a dog’s coat, causing it to appear lighter, with patches of white, although prominence and variation is not always the same.

A double merle is created when two merle dogs are bred together. It doesn’t matter what color merle or what breed they are. If two merle dogs are bred together, each puppy in the litter has a 25% chance of being born a double merle. Diagnosis of Merle Eye Anomaly in Dogs A diluted coat will tip off your veterinarian that your dog may have at least one Merle gene. When it comes to the Merle gene and ocular dysgenesis, any abnormalities that result will be present at birth, allowing for diagnosis at as young as six weeks of age.

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